Personalised Christmas Cards

Personalised Christmas cards are a special way of sending your own message to your customers, suppliers and friends of your company.

Your Personalised Christmas cards can be overprinted from a blank card by selecting your message from our range of 8 meaningful verses, or you can create your own message at no extra charge.

We can then add your companies name, address and logo to your Personalised Christmas card and from our selection of Charities we can then add your nominated charity to your card.

You can order your Personalised Christmas cards with a quantity as low as 50 cards of one design, we then provide you with a proof of your copy. Once approved we will deliver your Personalised Christmas cards within 14 working days by either Australia Post, Road Express or Courier.

There is nothing more appreciated by people than opening a Personalised Christmas card from its foil lined envelope, reading the personal message with your company name and logo, then displaying the card for all to see. An email greeting does not have this appeal nor has the display factor. Many emailed Greetings are treated as SPAM mail and do not get read, so this year send an Auscard Personalised Christmas card and let your words reflex your Companies Season's Greetings.

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