This program is designed to personalise your Corporate Christmas Cards you are sending your customers.

Simply send us an excel spreadsheet in the format shown and we will do the rest.

excel image


Method of mailing christmas cards:

Please supply an excel spreadsheet in the exact format as above, including ALL columns in this order

Download excel spreadsheet.

Cards will be printed in the exact order that they appear in the excel spreadsheet example.

How much does it cost to mail christmas cards in australia?

  1. Normal overprinting costs apply to print inside the cards
  2. Additional Programming Cost for Card Set up $165.00
  3. Additional Programming costs for Envelopes Set UP $150.00
  4. Additional Print Cost for Envelopes (Black ONLY)
50 to 500 $135.00
501 to 1000 $185.00
1001 to 3000 $245.00

Sending cards is a christmas tradition.

This year, we are offering our biggest range ever of popular personalised cards helping you and your company make a great impression. Christmas cards sent in the mail, are guaranteed to be opened and can be viewed for many weeks. What other type of mailing can make such a claim?

Our cards are easy to order with no Calculation required. Our cards are an impressive 127mmx183mm P.O.P and the premium range come with luxury matching gold or silver foil lined envelopes.

All cards are available with your choice of greeting, layout and typeface to make Christmas even more special.


If you need to know more about our premium Christmas card mailing services, get in touch today via our contact page.